From a very young age i had the desire and passion to be artist. As soon as i could pick up a pencil i was drawing. Even my dad's Edgar Allen Poe book! The love for the art was, and is a huge part of my life. I always seemed to be a little more advanced than most in my class. I had a few great teachers that would work with me. For these teachers i will always be eternaly thankful.

In the mid 90's i got my first computer. This was a huge thanks to my brother (thank you Jody). Funny enough, i bought it to play a game (and i still love gaming), and later found that i could create art with it. I played around with 2D art for a few years 'till i was introduced to the 3D world. Later i learned i could create 2D portraits with Photoshop like i used to do with pastels.

I think that Lee Bogle would have to be one of my favourite artists. With his style and his ability to capture the persons emotions. There have been many artists that have influenced me, the person that has really helped me the most though, would be Janne aka ToxicAngel, my husband and best friend. He has given me so much hope and influence. I would never be able to thank him enough.

Well the future is a funny thing. Sometimes the way we want to go is not the best road for us. One thing i have learned, the wind from one door closing opens another.